New Beginnings

Starting over is never easy. But starting over, and having a gut feeling that it will get you to do the things you really love can be easier.

I studied medicine, not because I wanted to. Because I wanted to make other people happy. And lets be honest; I was good at it. During my time practicing medicine I loved the approval I got from other people, but I was never really happy.

I learned a lot, I discovered new passions but there was always something missing. Enter the existencial crisis of my mid 20’s. (If you ask me, that’s WAY too early in life to have any sort of crisis.)

Many friends have urged me to look for something more creative to do. Just like I did in high school. To re explore that artistic vein that I suppressed in my med school years.

So, this is me starting over. Registering my search for that love of art and life. And finding the relation of those with my professional career.

I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason. So, if I have so much knowledge now in a science, and I love a completely different area of human knowledge; who says I can’t find a balance between them?

This is where starting over begins for me.

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