Los Angeles

A few weeks ago, I decided to visit one of my best friends in LA. She’s been living there for almost three years, and I hadn’t made the time to go visit her. So, we had a long weekend in Mexico during march, and I took the opportunity to go visit.

I was so excited to be at the beach! After a couple of years of not seeing the ocean, this felt healing.

The end of the famous route 66!

I must confess I had never been to LA. And with this short trip I can say that I fell completely in love with the city. I can’t wait to go back! Of course I went to all the “classic tourist” spots. Hollywood Boulevard, the Dolby Theatre, Chinese Theatre, Walk of Fame. I must confess I expected a bit more. I loved seeing the stars, and of course I took some pictures with the names of my favourite artists. IMG_0559 IMG_0561 IMG_0557 IMG_0554 IMG_0551 If I’m completely honest, I went into complete fangirl mode when I saw the plaque of Humphrey Boggart at the Chinese Theatre. IMG_0549 But the part that I enjoyed most of LA (at least the parts I got to see) were Santa Monica and Culver City. I definitely have to go back there to explore a bit more. IMG_0542 IMG_0513 We enjoyed one of the most amazing views for a sunset while walking around Santa Monica Beach. I felt so happy, so at peace right then and there. A moment that I’m so glad and grateful I was able to record with my camera. But most important it’s a moment that I can be sure to remember for many years to come. It was the perfect moment to squeeze in a meditation during my trip. IMG_0512 IMG_0509 IMG_0497 I could have worked out while I was making my tourist rounds around here. I was just content watching others do it. IMG_0433 IMG_0439 I felt as if I was in a movie from the beginning of the trip. The weather, the views, the joy of the people all around. IMG_0496 We had the best time at Santa Monica Pier, eating ice cream, and enjoying the games. IMG_0425One day of the trip was given completely to visit Disney, but that is another story that I will tell later. I must say, walking around Downtown LA was a complete joy. The buildings are so full of art and history, makes you want to get deep into the city and learn all its secrets. And can we just talk really fast about the food? everywhere you look at, there’s amazing food. So many options, and so many of them where healthy! I was in foodie heaven. The only downside of my trip? I wasn’t able to visit certain museums I wanted to see badly, but due to some work commitments I wasn’t able to visit. (Another reason to go back!). But LA has definitely stolen my heart, I’ll make sure to go back soon. Lots of Love Dany