The Getty Villa

On my first day in Los Angeles, besides visiting the beach, and doing some shopping we visited the Getty Villa.

This amazing center is the house of many wonderful pieces of Greek and Roman art, all of them part of the J. Paul Getty’s Museum collection.

Built in the 1970’s, it stands overlooking the Pacific Coast Highway. Modelled after a first century Roman country house this amazing place makes you feel as if you are on the Mediterranean Coast, enjoying a walk on the gardens of an actual Roman Villa.

IMG_0441 IMG_0488

As you walk in, you can see the wide expansion of the Pacific Ocean, quite the view.

IMG_0466 IMG_0465 IMG_0461 IMG_0463 IMG_0456

All the gardens have a Roman feel, more han a greek one. On them you can find several statues depicting various Greek and Roman gods or heroes. Every garden has its own style. If you can see on the pictures above, the style of the columns is different. Like walking through different periods of the old age, and their different styles.

IMG_0480 IMG_0477 IMG_0476

Throughout the museum you’ll see several sculptures and vases depicting images and personalities from that Ancient Era. The previous picture was definitely my favourite piece. More than the artistry, I loved the beauty depicted here. The femininity on the work. This is Venus (Roman goddess of beauty and love), and her serene expression, the position of her body, her shape; really embody that feeling of beauty on a woman.

For a moment, this image takes all my body image issues out the window, and just makes me happy, and proud to be a woman with the same attributes as the statue. IMG_0467 IMG_0465

This particular statue portrays Mercury, the messenger of the gods in Roman mythology. If you prefer his Greek name, you might know him as Hermes. I took this picture for my sister. She (and me too, let’s be honest) is a fan of the Percy Jackson series books. And one of her favourite godly characters in the series, is Hermes (Mercury). I liked this statue, because it makes him look rather young, and waiting to make a new mischief. Sometimes, we all need that sense of childhood mischief in our lives. IMG_0448 IMG_0452

Believe it or not, the provides image depicts Medusa. Not so scary right? This is a sarcophagus. Makes you wonder… Why would anyone want a character like the Gorgon sister on their sarcophagus? Either way, the artistry of the image is impressive. No picture can do actual justice to this pieces. IMG_0447 IMG_0453 IMG_0469

I loved this vase depicting Nike, the winged victory. Who doesn’t like winning? She looks so regal, and so in tune with that amazing feeling of win that all humans can have (or at least should have) on one point in their lives. I can relate with the greeks for making victory a goddess. IMG_0471 IMG_0468At one point in the visit, one of my friends said: “So, this is it? Only statues and jars? What else is here to see?” We couldn’t stop laughing. So brutally honest. But art has been different through time, and not every type of art appeals to everyone. Not everyone has feelings just by looking at a statue of Venus. And that’s exactly why art is so special.

Who’s to say something like fashion is not art. Isn’t it eliciting feelings on people? Movies do that as well. Even video games. My friend is actually on the business of video games; and the idea that maybe that makes him feel more that an old statue, making the video game art hasn’t left my mind ever since.

We can critique, and feel superior, or act snobbish because we have more knowledge on certain things. That doesn’t mean art is encased in one area, or that there are just seven fine arts and that’s it. Human creativity is enormous, and amazing. We just have to open up, and be ready for all the feeling this creativity might generate in us.

Lots of Love