A little bit of sun


I love this weather, and I specially love daylight savings time. I love that there’s always sun, even if sometimes we feel like melting on the sidewalk.


Taking advantage of this weather, a few days ago I went with my sister to the Museum of Geology to help her with an assignment for school. To be completely honest it wasn’t my type of museum at all. There were too many rocks, fossils and no true explanation for them. Just rows and rows of rocks.

IMG_0757 IMG_0751 IMG_0747

The beautiful thing about this visit was the building per se; such beautiful architecture. on the entrance you encounter yourself with a metal staircase¬†from the 1910’s with an art deco style. The floors beneath this staircase are a simple but pretty mosaic of that time. throughout the museum you find several stain glass windows that depict the work of several labourers a few centuries ago.

IMG_0769 IMG_0731 IMG_0719 IMG_0721 IMG_0736

As you go into the museum you find yourself face to face with the skeleton of a mammoth found in the area of Puebla, Mexico. Besides that you’ll see so many rocks and fossils; seriously you can find any type of rock you can think of. But every room has it’s charm, the ceiling, the mouldings, the windows; all of them transport you to another era.

IMG_0727 IMG_0725

At the end of the visit we took some pictures of the morisque kiosk. To be honest I had never seen this structure, I wasn’t even aware of the existence of something so pretty in my city.

IMG_0773 IMG_0776 IMG_0779 IMG_0786 IMG_0794

This kiosk was built on the 1880’s, and was the pavilion for the the Universal exposition of 1884-1885. It is called “Morisque” because of its structure of arches, columns and domes; as well as the intricate decoration with arab like designs. Even if it’s not used to worship any deity, the colors, the decorations and the complete structure are just a joy to watch.

IMG_0791 IMG_0797 IMG_0800 IMG_0788 IMG_0776

I highly recommend a visit to the kiosk whenever you are in Mexico.

Lots of Love