Mickey and photo practice.


A few days ago my sister and I decided to try out our photography skills. I asked her to take some pictures of me in my new Mickey Mouse shirt (Ever since my trip to Disney I have been obsessed with the mouse). So we went to the park that’s close to our house, and taking advantage of the light we just practiced.

Here are some of the results, with their bloopers. Hope you enjoy them!


Even if I tried to pose, she caught me every single time in the most awkward moments. Fixing my hair, or pointing to other spots where we could try the light. The picture below looks like I’m trying to be all serious and mysterious while in reality I had just finished moving my hair. IMG_1422

Usually those pictures end up being the best kind.

At this point, we realised I am not the ideal model. I have to work on my skills. IMG_1436 IMG_1418

I really enjoyed this picture, I felt completely overjoyed posing and laughing with my sister while doing it. So, doing a few silly moves was part of the experience. When we saw how the pictures turned out, I felt like this was the one that captured the moment in the best possible way.

See, I told you there were some bloopers. We are learning to focus and coordinate our movements. Even so, the best part of it all was spending time together. There’s nothing quite like family love.

Lots of love


Photos by: http://lourdesrobles117.tumblr.com