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One of my passions is food, and hence cooking is one of my hobbies. I enjoy cooking mostly food I like to eat. But eating? now that is a passion. I sustain that eating is one of the biggest pleasures life has.

When I was little, I remember that my mom used to do some amazing chocolate truffles in Christmas time. It’s not christmas, but I still love the truffles, and I certainly love chocolate. The problem is, that with time I have developed certain food intolerances. I stand by the idea that my immune system used to be one step away from autoimmunity until I discovered functional medicine.

With this discovery, came the elimination of so many foods from my diet including sugar, dairy, gluten, limiting the amount of eggs I eat and coffee. But, that didn’t limit my love for food. Instead, I started looking for options. Healthy food, that still had an amazing taste.

Pinterest has a great selection on this, and one of my favourite recipes is this one: Date chocolate truffles. They are amazing, they have a taste like the ones my mom did when I was little, they don’t have any dairy, and they have chocolate. Plus, they are filled with nutrients.


  • 10-15 pitted medjool dates. (I usually use 12)
  • 2 tablespoons of unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 tablespoon coconout oil
  • Brandy or cognac to taste (This is optional)

This is all you need! (Credit to the beautiful potted flower in the back to my great friend Mariana)
This is all you need! (Credit to the beautiful potted flower in the back to my great friend Mariana)
How to:

This is an extremely easy recipe, really it takes you 15 minutes top to make.

  • Start by making sure your dates are pitted, if that’s not the case pit them. I try to buy them pitted so I can skip this step. I recommend buying them at Costco. This is the brand I usually use:


  • Mix them in the food processor until you create a paste.

IMG_0944 IMG_0949

  • Add the cocoa powder. I like to use the “Cacao Du Barry” that you can also find in Costco. Has no sugar and is alkaline. This cacao can be used to mix with water or almond milk, and makes an amazing hot cocoa.


  • Afterwards mix in the coconut oil. Another option is to use Olive oil. I have used it sometimes because my mom hates coconut, so it’s a good option. The flavour it’s still great.
  • I like to add afterwards a little bit of brandy or cognac (I prefer cognac) but not a lot, just enough to give the paste a good consistency.
  • Make truffle balls with your hands, and roll them over cocoa powder.

IMG_0956 IMG_0957 IMG_0961 IMG_0963

  • Refrigerate them for 20 minutes and they are ready!


You can store them on a container in you fridge up to three days. As you can see, they are a great dessert, helps with the craving for chocolate (I am ALWAYS craving chocolate) they are easy to make, and they can be considered inside the “clean” meals area.

One of the most important parts of this recipe is to ENJOY COOKING IT!. Full disclosure, I usually sing and dance while cooking. I swear the meals that I prepare without music are usually dull and lack some flavour. But when I whip out my phone with any of my cooking (or dancing) playlists, the food comes out great!

Here I’m sharing one of my playlists with my personal favourites for cooking (Obviously they change constantly)

Hope you enjoy them!

Lots of Love


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