Christmas and our Potential for good.


Christmas is my favourite holiday. Ever since I was a little girl, I remember loving the smell of pine in the living room, having dinner with my family, going to bed on Christmas Eve excited by what I might find underneath the tree the next day. And nowadays, I really love the same things.

I realise that sometimes we use the excuse of Christmas to be better people, when we should do it every day in the year. But, honestly I like the idea that a holiday such as this reminds us of the fact that human beings have the potential to be good. Just as much as we see everyday in the news that we tend to abuse our potential to harm one another.


Cartoon by Paul Zanetti via

Even if it has been a few years since I’ve left cookies for Santa beside the Christmas tree, I still feel like a little kid every time I see the tree or the Nativity in my house. I still love to see the Christmas specials on TV, and consider that “It’s a Wonderful Life” is one of the best movies ever done.


And even if I laugh at the jokes my doctor friends do on the Grinch’s cardiomegaly, deep down, the little girl in me hopes that everyone allows their hearts to grow and realise that as human beings we should be helping ourselves and every living thing in this planet.


Christmas has become so many things for me. From a religious holiday where I used to play a shepherd in the Nativity play, to the moment when I tried to wait up for Santa Claus to come, to the moment of the year where I spent time with all my family; all the way to the holiday where I really hope that the spirit of the carols stays with everyone, and we start realising that our potential to goodness can go beyond the barriers of the winter solstice.

Lots of Love, and Merry Holidays!



P.S. And yes, Christmas is still my favourite holiday, and I still get excited for presents, specially those i give. I still enjoy baking cookies and drinking hot cocoa and spending time with my family. i just try to keep in mind the immense amount of love that I have been lucky enough to have surrounding me all my life.