Winter nights


I was not planning on writing anything today. I was not expecting to write anything in the next week to be honest.

But today, I had the most amazing day. It reminded me of how blessed I am. Even with all my “problems”, I tend to forget of how lucky I am.

A recap of my day: I woke up late-ish, got my favourite breakfast and then hit the skiing slopes. I skied for 6 hours straight. The last slope was during “night-skiing”; something that I did not expect to do at any point during my winter break.

And I loved it, I enjoyed feeling the cold air hitting my face while going down at full speed and I relished on the feel of the snow beneath the skis. I loved the feeling of being out of breath at the end, and I could not believe how happy I felt.

The best part of it all, was that right at the end, while putting the skis away we witnessed a glimpse of some northern lights. I was not the whole paraphernalia, but it was lovely and magical. And I just could not believe my luck. In that moment, hanging with my sister and feeling the endorphin rush from the exercise I felt so blessed. It reminded me of all the opportunities that life has given me. And how things are changing for the better, and most important how I am working to make them better for myself. (I wish I had my camera with me, but in retrospect, it was better… I actually saw the sky.)

I could do a recap of this year for everyone to see. The good, and the bad. (and trust me, there were moments where I felt like I could not handle any more bad things.) But the truth is, no one really cares about that; only me. Most importantly, I shan’t forget the lessons I’ve learned,  the memories I made, and all the love I received.

As always, lots of love.