The Science of Love.


Lately I have been incredibly busy. There is something in the environment that just makes me want to move forward, that makes me want to grow up. I have that feeling of “I want to be a grownup!” That I had when I was a kid, and I watched the independence and (what seemed like…) security that made grown ups move around the world.

But still, even if I had not made the time to write anything for the blog, I have felt a sudden burst of creativity regarding the things I want to talk about.

The first in line, is love. This past month I have been teaching (and studying) a lot about the chemistry of love. The pheromones (which fyi we haven’t found in humans), the endorphins, the addiction to love, the types of love, the difference between this and passion, the difference between being IN love, and LOVING someone, the phases of love (lust, attraction and attachment.) And so many things that I have read, that I noticed applying these scientific concepts to my life.

I tend to do that, apply what I am reading, or what I am studying to my life. And in this case, I realised that I was applying love (for the first time ever) to a completely selfish part of my life.

I found myself thinking while hugging my family “I might be releasing some oxytocin right now”, or while waiting for a friend I hadn’t seen in a while “I am having a rush of adrenaline, and damn it feels good!”.

But most of all, doing this, I had an epiphany (yeah, lets call it that for lack of a better less pretentious word). I noticed that I was extremely happy. I was being selfish, and happy. I was finally moving to achieve the things that I want for my life, and I was so happy. And this movement, made me notice that I was having this adrenaline rush with some of my recent life changing decisions, I was having a rush of dopamine, and oxytocin almost everyday. And I did not need ANYONE else to feel them. All I needed was myself, and this feeling of “I want to be a functional grown up!”.

Exciting things are coming towards me, and even in between the chaos that is in the world right now, I have found my way. And who would have thought, that I was able to finally light the way through love… even if it was by studying its science.

As always, Lots of Love