Moving Forward


I practically abandoned the blog. I started it with a purpose, and after I felt that it had fulfilled it, I abandoned it. Even if at times I got ideas to write down, or share photos and experiences I completely neglected it.

I neglected it, because I was preparing for an big move in my life. From my point of view it is an enormous move, and an exciting one.

I am starting a masters program in History of Science and Medical Humanities. The masters, right not sound like a great change but it is when I have chosen to do it in the UK. A country I have never visited, and even if I speak the language. This is a cultural shock.

It is quite the adventure for me, and I really believe that is my next big step into this “From med to the MET” transformation.

In benefit of this new adventure, I have proposed myself to write at least once a week on the blog. Share my adventures, the pictures I take, the people I meet, the problems I might encounter.

Log in to the blog, and use it as the online journal it was supposed to be originally.

Hoping to keep up with this adventure

Lots of Love