Work for it!

Life has been HECTIC this past few weeks. I have had lots of work, and very little time for myself. To be honest, I have been trying to spend my free time -which has been narrowing every day- working out and sleeping rather than doing anything else.

But still I do not have a real reason to complain. All this work is for something AMAZING.

Anyway, I have been thinking about a ton of things I want to write about. But I’ll start with the one that’s right on top of my mind: Beauty.
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At easeĀ 

Have you ever felt there are places where you feel complete? You are at peace with yourself, with the world, with life. You are aware that the world keeps spinning around you, and moving; but in these places you don’t really care about it. That’s how I feel when I go to a museum of art. Usually I prefer more classic styles, but I don’t really mind the current portrayed as long as I can see what out abilities as human beings can make us do. 

I am writing this while touring the met on nyc. I can honestly say that I am incredibly happy here. I have seen Egyptian art, Greek, roman, Byzantine, impressionist, Asian, art from the Renaissance; and even in their difference each room takes me into another era. I can picture Monet in front of the sea painting his father and the landscape, I can almost smell the ocean, and listen to the waves crashing. 

Feeling this, makes me feel complete, at ease. Like this is where I’m supposed to be. 

Yesterday I had coffee with one of my best friends, and even if she didn’t had the intention she struck a cord. She said, “when you meet people who actually know what they want, you know it’s time to get your shit together”. 

Between that, and this feeling of completeness some things inside of me fell into place. All I have left to say for now is: thank you nyc and the met for making me finally wanting to get my shit together, and acknowledging the direction I want things to take. 

Lots of love 


Make good artĀ 

A few weeks ago, this cartoon crossed my path while wasting time online. I loved it. I felt that with all that is going on in the world, this was really inspirational. 

Found it first on the blog “Thoughts on Theatre“. (Where you can find information on the artist) Hope you guys enjoy it. 

Lots of love